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For organizations to grow they need to evolve and work differently today than yesterday. Whether there are challenges with staffing and teams, too many priorities, or mis-aligned goals, we can help. We provide tools and techniques to help your leadership team and organization work more efficiently. People, processes and performance improvement are the keys to unlocking the future.

If you regularly hear statements such as these - we can help.

  • "There’s too much to do, and not enough hours in a day to do it”
  • “I’m in meetings all day and have no time to get my actual work done”
  • “We are working hard but our efforts are not reflected in the bottom line”
  • “We have a production plan, but the people that yell loudest get prioritized”

Contact us to create a tailored approach to address your needs and help your organization evolve.

Areas of support


Individual competencies, leadership development and approaches for team relationships to improve collaboration


Efficient processes through lean leadership focusing on activities that make an impact


Aligned strategy and cascaded goals to ensure all actions result in measurable and visual outcomes


Periods of stress and burn out lead to conflict and strained team dynamics. We can help your teams adopt individualized approaches for relationships to improve collaboration. Additionally, leading teams through these challenges has never been more important. We coach and support leaders to ensure they have the right skills to support their teams.

  • Team profiles and easy to apply behavioral models to ensure effective collaboration and leadership skills
  • Competency models and assessments to ensure your workforce is aligned to organizational objectives
  • Instructional design to ensure competency and capabilities are raised
  • Team development to improve cooperation within the team, as well as organization
  • Change management to help individuals and teams improve their ways of working


It is becoming increasingly challenging to reach full staffing. Therefore, it is essential to ensure existing processes are efficient. Organizational assessments and process reviews can highlight opportunities for improvement and optimization.

  • Process review and optimization including sequencing, scheduling and skills assessments
  • Process flow mapping with facilitated workshops to identify and eliminate non-value add steps
  • Meeting efficiency to drive action oriented and effective meeting outcomes


Efficient processes require lean leadership. Ensure your organization is aligned through simplified strategy creation and prioritization and focused on the critical few goals and objectives. We can assess alignment of objectives and priorities to organizational activities.

  • Visualization of performance measurements from the shop floor to leadership level
  • Process improvement project and portfolio management for continuous evolution
  • Leadership time management aligned to priorities
  • Effective project execution and strategies for derailed projects

BAM Operational Model

Leadership Development

“One of the best leadership development courses I have attended.”

“The workshop did an excellent job of covering essential aspects of leadership.”

“I would highly recommend this workshop.”

Equestrian Leadership Lesson

Horses live in the moment and are guided by trust, confidence, feedback and energy. Therefore, they create an ideal environment to demonstrate and amplify some of the essential elements leaders continuously develop. Join us for an experiential and interactive day of learning and observing leadership concepts during training interactions with horses.

Date: 2022: August 26 or October 14 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Registration: $1,000/person which includes training, all guided activities with horses, refreshments and lunch.

Location: Dream Catcher Ranch, 1299 Laudermilch Rd, Palmyra, PA

Register: On-line at this link, or email BAM@organizational-evolution.com. Each of the sessions are limited to the first 10 participants.

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Power of Performance Improvement

Unlock the Power of Performance Improvement

Staffing challenges and supply chain issues demand that our organizations continuously improve and evolve to efficiently respond to a dynamic environment.

Are your performance initiatives providing the improvement you need to meet these challenges?

This 1-day course will provide you with practical knowledge to improve performance to see bottom-line results. You will learn how to effectively select, coach and lead continuous improvement projects. You will be able to identify improvement areas and select the right improvement tool(s) based on business objectives.

Date: Coming soon - F2F and virtual

Meet BAM

Beth Ann Madsen of BAM Organizational Evolution has dedicated her career to helping organizations evolve. Her passion and experience connects people, processes and performance to support organizations in achieving goals.

Beth has coached leadership teams in Europe, Asia and North America in lean leadership, improving performance, and aligning actions to strategy. She is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and seasoned in process mapping, analyzing workflows, and designing processes to improve efficiency. As a highly skilled facilitator in behavioral assessments and organizational transitions, she has successfully facilitated intervention sessions for under-performing teams. Additionally, she has 20+ years managing large-scale international projects and has designed and built a Portfolio Management Office. Her senior level leadership industry experience ranges from large multi-national organizations to small local companies in pharmaceuticals, engineering, manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance and the financial sector.


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